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I am in the currently not collectable program. Now what?

“Currently Not Collectible” Program As of late, there has been an increasing number of television commercials and radio ads advertising things such as “Currently not collectible tax programs” or “IRS hardship programs.” The advertisings state that these programs are available for a limited time only. The harsh reality is that there are no such programs [...]

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How Do I Qualify For Currently Not Collectable On My Taxes

Individuals that are not able to pay the Internal Revenue Service federal taxes annually have a tax liability. Currently Not Collectable is an available option to protect assets from the IRS collections department. If you qualify, you can postpone levies and garnishments appointed by the IRS. Bank accounts will not be frozen and the collections [...]

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What Is An Offer In Compromise?

What Is An Offer In Compromise? An offer in compromise is a plausible path for someone who is unable to pay their taxes in full. It allows people to settle their tax debt for less than the entire amount they owe. Whether this path is available to a taxpayer depends on a few questions surrounding [...]

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