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IRS Is Hiring Private Collectors

Private Agencies To Begin Collecting Taxes As of late, the Internal Revenue Service or IRS has been growing a backlog of debt. To deal with the growing problem, the IRS has recently hired private companies to aid them in the task of retrieving owed money. The IRS announced that it has hired four agencies do [...]

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Types of Trusts

What Is A Trust? To many people, the statutory phrase trust is intimidating and confusing. However, a trust is a simple to explain, and easy to set up. A trust is simply an agreement that is set up between three parties: A trust maker, a trustee, and one or multiple beneficiaries. The trust maker is [...]

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Who Needs A Will?

When Do I Need A Will? A will is an important document that allows you to decide where your property and possessions go after you pass away. A person who dies before filling out a will can have their assets distributed based on the laws of the state they live. When a person dies without [...]

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