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Options for Settling Your Tax Debt

There is perhaps no more hated organization in the United States government than the IRS. Nobody likes the tax man but on top of that, years of brutal budget cuts have left the IRS’s customer service department a shell, leading to a miserable experience for anyone on the outside trying to deal with the organization. [...]

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When To File Bankruptcy

Should I File Bankruptcy Now Or Wait? Declaring bankruptcy is an intimidating action. Many people who face the decision decide to blindly take the plunge and report it without considering if they should wait or not. However, it is wiser to wait to declare bankruptcy in certain situations. In these particular cases, filing bankruptcy too [...]

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Tax Refund Fraud Declining

Identity theft is a crime that has swept the nation like a plague. All over the country, men and women have suffered at the hands of criminals who use other people’s information to steal their hard-earned money. Because the outbreak has been so severe, many people are now wary of the old tricks that the [...]

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