3 Reasons Why a Business Attorney Can Save Your Life

Most people dismiss lawyers as scams sneering when they see the words ‘Attorney At law’ until they are caught on the other side of the law. This kind of mentality leaves people open and vulnerable to legal ‘attack’ as they rarely have any attorney on retainer to consult with.

The same people go into businesses with the same mentality which is as dangerous as having no accountant. Whether small or large having legal representation goes a long way to keep your business clean and out of the courts.

Below are a few reasons why a business law attorney in Atlanta is a must have:

    1. Starting Up A Business

Starting a business albeit exciting is a rigorous task that can be filled with treacherous ground. A corporation especially will need the services of a business attorney as it involves the appointment of a board of directors, partners, members and the like can be a tricky affair.

Forget the days of a gentleman agreement of old; invest in a competent attorney who will draw up the necessary documents with everyone’s stake in the corporation in black and white and signed by each person involved. This will make it legal and binding and come in handy in case of future disputes.

    1. Acquisition, Merger Or Sale Of Business

Legal counsel and consultation is needed when either acquiring a new company or merging your already existing company with a new one. Selling of your business also falls into this category.

You need an attorney to hold your hand and guide you through this processes that can start as straight forward but turn murky really fast bogging you down. To come up on top, a business law attorney in Atlanta who is well versed with the laws of the city will keep you sane by handling the whole process smoothly.

    1. Signing Legal Documents

Signed legal documents like a lease on a premise or a contract are binding and recognized by law as legitimate thus signing on the small dotted line at the bottom and finding out later you missed something might land you in a legal quagmire. Let the business attorneys read the fine print and explain the legal jargon that usually accompanies such documents. Since most people don’t read or if they do don’t understand the requirements, most unscrupulous people use that to their advantage. With your best interest in mind, an attorney will of course see through that and have the clauses adjusted or removed all together.

Consulting the right lawyer in every aspect of your business is highly advisable. Get one who has a wide range of experience who will see all the holes and loop holes that can crash your business if ignored and allowed to fester into ugly court cases.

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