IRS Tax Attorney’s Best Qualities

The Internal Revenue Authority IRS as it is popularly known is the arm of government that is mandated by the treasury to collect taxes in the US. Their fundamental job is to strictly assess your income and earnings and tax you accordingly. They have offices around the country to facilitate the smooth running of its mandate. They have forms in their offices that you fill and file to pay your taxes. These forms can also be filled and filed online.

Taxes are of two types, individual or business taxes. There are tax brackets for each of these categories. The IRS keeps track of every one of them and issue penalties on defaulters. It doesn’t just take; every so often an individual or business can have an IRS tax problem which an attorney can help you with. In such cases, you can end up getting checks for a repayment.

Tax problems are a norm that touches each one of us in one way or the other. Fighting the tax body can be a long, tedious time consuming affair that will leave you exhausted financially and physically and with no end in sight. Business corporations and individuals with large estates are therefore advised to retain the services of a good attorney to avoid the infamous entanglement the body.

Hiring an attorney when the need arises might be a daunting task. Below I list a few qualities that might endear An IRS tax problem attorney to you:

  • She/he should have the proper credentials that is at least a law degree (JD).
  • Competent and well versed with the tax laws and by-laws of the land; monitor how interested they are in your case.
  • Experience in tax law is important which means the attorney has seen it all and can dip into this well of experience to handle your case winningly.
  • Should be skilled in negotiation to be able to land you a tax reprieve or flexible payment plan.
  • Litigation might be needed therefore should have these set of skills to argue for you in court.
  • They shouldn’t be too pricey, shop around and compare the rates for tax attorneys in order to have an idea of the fee required before engaging the services of one.
  • This is someone you might work with for a long period thus; go with someone with a friendly disposition and personality who you can work with.

Tax crimes include tax fraud or evasion, filing of false returns and not filing at all when needed to can lead to a prosecution to misdemeanours that will require you to pay a fine to the powers that be. Either way it is something you do not want to get caught up into and if you do, a tax attorney is your best bet.

If you need a competent tax attorney with a wide experience that spans 30 years, visit and meet one who will hold your hand through any IRS tax problem.