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Through a will, you can control the disposition of your assets to your loved ones. You can also identify a legal guardian for your children, in case something enforceable were to happen to you. A will can be made as simple or complex as you want depending on the needs of your estate.

Making Sure Clients’ Plans Are Fully Documented for 30 Years

Attorney Jeffery L. Cohen has more than 30 years of experience helping clients plan ahead through establishing wills as part of an estate plan. He is committed to making sure your plans are clearly identified, so your loved ones have a roadmap to follow and are not left guessing what you would want, after you pass away. Contact our Atlanta living will attorney to schedule a free phone consultation. He can explain the benefit of establishing an estate plan so your family can avoid the unnecessary and time consuming step of administering your estate through probate.

Georgia Attorney Helping You Create a Will

Some people think wills are indented to protect individuals who have a substantial amount of assets. In fact, anyone can benefit from establishing a will as part of an estate plan. During an phone consultation, attorney Jeffrey L. Cohen will meet with you to understand your circumstance and the goals you have for your family. Mr. Cohen is thorough in his approach working diligently to help you secure your future health care and the financial legacy of your estate. Depending on your needs, he can help you establish a simple or complex will defining:

  • How your assets should be distributed after you pass away
  • A legal guardian for your minor children, if you pass away
  • Who you would like named as the executor of your estate
  • The medical treatment you would want to be given, if you become incapacitated
  • Someone to act as your power of attorney to handle your financial affairs, if you become unable to do so

Mr. Cohen’s background in tax law, including his master’s degree in taxation from Emory University School of Law, allows him to knowledgeably advise clients on issues related to minimizing probate taxes during the administration of an estate. With extensive experience in business and corporate law matters, he also can recommend tools to ensure a smooth succession of business entities and commercial property.

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For a free, phone consultation with an experienced attorney in Atlanta, call will drafting lawyer Jeffrey Cohen today at 404-937-1414. You may also contact him online to discuss your estate planning needs in Atlanta, Georgia.

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