What is Innocent Spouse Relief?

Do you feel like you have walked into a land mine, while dealing with the end of your marriage? Facing the emotional reality that your marriage is ending is hard enough in itself. You may now feel blind sided if your ex-spouse or estranged spouse made a fraudulent tax return. If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is hounding you claiming you and your spouse owe them money, make sure you have an experienced attorney in your corner.

Decades of Experience Seeking Equitable Relief for Innocent Spouses

For more than 30 years, lawyer Jeffrey L. Cohen has advocated for innocent spouses seeking tax relief throughout Atlanta, Georgia. If you and your spouse jointly filed your taxes, the IRS could hold both of you accountable for the back taxes. This is true even if your spouse earned the majority of the income and filed the taxes. However, the IRS has been known to forgive back taxes for innocent spouses in certain circumstances. Contact our innocent spouse tax relief Atlanta attorney to learn how he may be able to protect you from paying back the IRS.

Settle for Nothing Less Than Experienced Legal Counsel

If the IRS is knocking at your door claiming you owe them money, you may be looking at every option possible that won’t drain your pocketbook any further. Some tax resolution companies may claim they could help you cut down on the amount of taxes you owe the IRS. Unfortunately, you may not work directly with an attorney at a tax resolution company. Even worse, if their services don’t end up being beneficial, you will likely not get your money back.

When your money is on the line, the best investment you can make is to work with an experienced tax relief attorney up front. Attorney Jeffrey L. Cohen has devoted his practice almost entirely to tax law. He has a master’s degree in taxation from Emory University School of Law and has decades of experience advocating for clients seeking tax relief. He knows how to negotiate with the IRS to find a workable solution that will allow you to move on with your life.

The Steps to Take in Pursuit of an Innocent Spouse Claim

During the phone consultation, attorney Jeffrey L. Cohen can meet with you to understand if you may qualify for innocent spouse relief. The IRS takes into several factors but you would at least need to show:

  • You are divorced or separated
  • Income or deductions were made by your former or estranged spouse
  • Your ex-spouse deceived you about your finances or taxes
  • Your ex-spouse abused you

Before going to tax court, attorney Jeffrey L. Cohen will try to negotiate with the IRS for a favorable resolution. Mr. Cohen is also fully prepared to plead your case in court. If your case goes to trial, he will consult industry-leading experts to make sure your side of the story is heard.

The IRS does a balancing test looking into all the factors involved. They will want to know your education level, involvement in household finances and your ex’s business finances. They will look to see if you signed the tax return under duress including mental or physical abuse. Every innocent spouse claim can vary greatly. Attorney Jeffrey L. Cohen will make sure all the facts are heard. If your ex has a history of deceit or a criminal record, that will not be overlooked.

The IRS may decide to forgive all of the taxes you owe them. They could also partially grant you tax relief or deny your claim all together. If your claim is denied, we can appeal to the U.S. tax court. Based on Mr. Cohen’s experience, he can advice you on the best options to take to avoid further tax complications.

Contact a Divorce and Innocent Spouse Relief Georgia Attorney

Do not try dealing with the IRS on your own. Contact our tax law attorney to understand if you may qualify for innocent spouse relief during a free phone consultation. Attorney Jeffrey L. Cohen may be able to help you obtain relief for your tax liabilities, interest and penalties stemming from a joint filing with your ex.