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Innocent Spouse Cases

Spouses who file joint tax returns are typically both responsible for any deficiency. For example, if the couple pays less than they owe, the IRS can go after either spouse to recover any unpaid amounts. However, sometimes it is unfair to hold one spouse responsible for unpaid taxes, and the IRS will sometimes grant an [...]

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Mediating an IRS Dispute

Sometimes the IRS makes mistakes. And when they do, you should fight to receive a fair and just result. Fortunately, the IRS has created an appeals process that involves negotiated settlement instead of litigation, which can save you time and money. However, you shouldn’t appeal any IRS decision without an experienced IRS tax lawyer by [...]

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Can I Ask the IRS to Reconsider an Audit?

Going through an audit is bad enough as is, but what happens if at the end of the process you think the IRS is wrong about how much you owe? Helpfully, a process exists to ask for reconsideration. You must carefully follow the correct steps to ask the IRS to take a fresh look at [...]

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