“We had kind of a tricky situation, with an IRS audit and our divorce happening simultaneously. Uncomfortable. In addition, we got the cliché IRS Agent that was a touch sadistic and sarcastic. The first 2 meetings did not go well. At that point, it became obvious we are going to need some help. We retained Mr. Cohen, and immediately the tides turned. The bullying was over. We finally got a reasonable response from the IRS. Yesterday he went with me to the 3rd-and final-audit meeting. Hi composure, knowledge, and calm sensibility governed the direction of the meeting. We saw the best possible and realistic outcome we could. Thank you Jeff Cohen. I am so relieved this is over.”

“Atty. Jeffrey Cohen has been my tax attorney for the past 10 years and has been very successful in the resolution of my many tax problems. He is very professional, responsive and competent and I highly recommend him.”

“My husband and I have been Jeff Cohen’s clients since 2009. Jeff has been a great advisor and very diligent in helping us to deal and resolved issues with the IRS. Dealing with the IRS is extremely stressful and having a trusted, experienced advisor that cares for you is critical in order to arrived at a successful outcome. With such a powerful agency it has been critical to have Jeff by our side. We are grateful to Jeff for his services and would highly recommend him.”

“I went to Mr. Cohen with a tax issue with being taxed when I did not live in Georgia. Mr. Cohen not only saw me on NEW YEARS EVE, but gave me exactly what I needed to provide for proof I lived out of state. Mr. Cohen responded immediately to every email extremely quickly and was able to navigate me through a situation with GA DOR and save me a lot of money. He really knows his stuff and there is no doubt I would highly recommend his services to anybody from now on with a tax matter.”

“When it comes to tax attorneys and dealing with the IRS, the choice is certainly endless. However Jeff Cohen far exceeds “just being another attorney”! The IRS is certainly not an entity to play games with and they can certainly be demeaning if you allow them to & don’t have the right approach when communicating with them. Jeff took care of my issue in the most professional way that anyone having to deal with the IRS would welcome. Totally satisfied with his services and I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for the best tax attorney in Atlanta!”

“Professional, charming, courteous, witty, combined with out of this world attention to detail who anticipated every need in advance. Represented us to the IRS in a private rather intimidating setting, with finesse, comfort and polished savvy. Took them to task (IRS) and made them squirm! Highly recommended from the most discerning of clients, “me”!”

“After a very bad experience with another tax attorney it was a blessing to find Jeff. He answered every question I had and explained what to expect thoroughly. I talked directly with him, not someone on his staff. When the IRS needed to be contacted, it was Jeff that made the call personally. After the past experience that I had this meant so much to me. In my opinion you are in good hands when you choose Jeff.”

“I hired Jeffrey 6-12 months ago. Jeffrey handled my Tax matter.”

“Attorney Jeffrey Cohen was able to get my IRS matter resolved very quickly! He knew exactly how to handle the matter and which of the many IRS forms should be sent to the various departments in the agency to clarify the issues. I would have never been able to figure all of this out without him and the IRS certainly wasn’t willing to help…. It is such a relief to know my situation is resolved. Thank You, Mr. Cohen!!”

“I hired Jeffrey 6-12 months ago. Jeffrey handled my Elder Law matter. I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.”

“We have worked with Jeffrey on several occasions since meeting him about 20 years ago. He has assisted us with business matters, estate planning and my mother’s debt and elder care issues. He is always efficient, realistic and accessible. To summarize, we have always found Jeffrey to be extremely handy.”

“I hired Jeffrey more than 3 years ago. Jeffrey handled my Tax matter.”

“Jeffrey did a superb job for me over the period of 8 years. He was all business and his follow up was excellent. Jeffrey kept me informed with the law and attended two to three meetings with myself and the IRS. The results of using Jeffrey L. Cohen was right on our goal. He was honest, friendly, and most importantly a friend. I would use him again in a heartbeat and recommend him to my very best friend or relative.”

“I hired Jeffrey 1-3 years ago. Jeffrey handled my Tax matter.”

“I contacted Jeff Cohen in sort of a panic after receiving a notice of deficiency from the IRS. I only had a few days to file a response and request for a hearing in Tax Court. Needless to say, it was a big deal as the IRS was trying to charge me over $85,000 in tax and fines. Mr. Cohen actually spoke with me on my first call to his firm and emailed me exact instruction on what to do. He filed the proper documents with the IRS before the deadline and then ultimately got the IRS to concede that I owe them nothing for the tax year in question.”

“I hired Jeffrey 1-3 years ago. Jeffrey handled my Business matter.”

“I have dealt with many attorneys in my career and Jeff is one of the most trusted advisors on my team. He has truly saved me money and angst! If you are looking for a trusted advisor and someone that can mitigate your exposure Jeff is the right person to add to your team! I hired Jeffrey more than 3 years ago. Jeffrey handled my Tax matter.”

“During the economic crisis our business suffered a great loss, leaving us in a place we never dreamed we would be in. That’s when we realized we would need professional tax help – specifically as it related to dealing with the IRS. Jeff Cohen came through for us, taking charge, and handling all the communication, paperwork and settlement processes that were causing us such frustration and stress. His professionalism and knowledge, coupled with his great sense of humor helped in resolving our IRS issues. I hired Jeffrey 1-3 years ago. Jeffrey handled my Tax matter.”

“Mr. Cohen was exceptional. He handled my OIC case with the IRS. He came up with results that surpassed my greatest expectations. It is best for him if you do your research on your problem as well. He expects you to care about your own well being and know what is going on. He is very punctual with any news. I hired Jeffrey 1-3 years ago. Jeffrey handled my Tax matter. I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.”

“After a less than satisfactory experience with one of the “tax expert” services you see advertised on TV, I contacted Jeff based on a recommendation from a highly regarded accountant. The best move I ever made. Knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, and aggressive when you need it most, Jeff took on the IRS and GA Department of Revenue on my behalf, leaving me with the comfort of not having to work with them directly. Extremely professional and without the “shady” feel of many of the other “expert” services, Jeff worked within the system in ways I would’ve never been able to and reached a conclusion to my case that gives me the peace of mind I needed. I would recommend anyone to Jeff (and I have), knowing they’ll be in great hands. I hired Jeffrey more than 3 years ago. Jeffrey handled my Commercial matter. I have previously worked with more than 10 lawyers.”

“Jeff is an excellent attorney. He was invaluable to our business, first on day to day issues and then in an extended contract negotiation as we sold our company. I would highly recommend him. I hired Jeffrey more than 3 years ago. Jeffrey handled my Tax matter. I have previously worked with 6-10 lawyers.”

“As a client of Jeff Cohen and his team and staff for many years I can say with confidence that we have been represented by experts. I have always felt confident that the team was prepared and professional. I have and will continue to recommend Jeff Cohen in the future.”

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