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64,000 Reasons to Challenge That Demand for Tax Payment

In a recent Georgia State Tax Tribunal case, we were able to help our clients avoid a multi-year tax bill that had added up to over $64,000. It was a case of mistaken residency by the State.

While living and working abroad, the client couple bought a home for an elderly parent to live in. The location of that home was in the State of Georgia. But, the couple was not living or working in Georgia. Their residency abroad was complicated, because the Middle Eastern country that they were living in and working in had policies that made getting a clear residency status difficult. 

It was not until several years later that the couple returned to the U.S. and set their residency up in Georgia. But, over those years, the State of Georgia had determined that they owed state income taxes for each of those years.

The total demand for tax payment added up to $64,068!

The couple contacted our law office to help settle the matter. Initially, the Georgia Department of Revenue ignored our appeals. We were forced to bring the matter into a trial setting. But, after a full day trial at the Georgia Tax Tribunal, we were successful.

We were pleased to have secured a full ‘reversal’ on the taxes owed, and the client certainly has a reason to breathe a big ‘sigh of relief’.

You can read the full decision from the State of Georgia Tax Tribunal with this link

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