types of business lawyers

Two Types of Business Lawyers and Their Services

A business lawyer is that one link between you and the legal world. It is that important person that will save you some time, cash and face when they see that imminent law suit that you couldn’t see coming. They will also help you with legal matters like going through and explaining contracts before signing, drawing them up too if need be, they also help with taxes for your business.

A lawyer who handles business law in Atlanta should basically be in either of the following two types of business lawyers:


This type of business lawyer fights your battles literally by:

  • Settling business disputes arising from matters that are past the negotiation stage and both parties involved feel like they can only settle the matter fairly in front of a judge.
  • Your lawyer will handle everything for you prior to the court date by preparing and conducting depositions (sworn out of court oral testimony of a witness) or an arbitration (using a neutral third party to settle a dispute) if need be.
  • Preparing and filing court documents, motions and pleading, all requisites to help you win your case.
  • Your lawyer then litigates on your behalf in front of a judge and if you have a good one, the ruling can swing in your favour.

Transactional Lawyers

Although they do not litigate at all, there is plenty of work for this type of lawyer outside the court in a business setting. A good, competent transactional lawyer is one who should be able to perform the following tasks for you:

  • Deal with all legal matters outside the court that relate to your business.
  • Draft legal documents and forms like contracts, certificates etc. for your business.
  • Negotiate contracts with lawyers from the other side on your behalf favourably.
  • Meet and engage with clients for your company to get better deals and services.
  • Guide you through and prepare documents related to regulatory affairs affecting your nature of business like taxes.
  • Help with the legal mergers and acquisitions if the need arises.

Most companies don’t see the need of having a legal department until they are hit by a lawsuit or receive a subpoena summoning them to appear in court then they start losing it. Hiring the services of a business lawyer when the need arises does not win you a case; instead, it might cost your company money that might be a big blow as court fees and settlements are mean and don’t come cheap.

In the long run, you find that putting a law firm on retainer ends up as a cheap alternative which can actually save you some cash while making you more through acquisitions and mergers, filing tax returns on time and many more.

Retaining the services of a good law firm in Georgia comes with the most competent and shrewd business lawyers in Atlanta who should take care of any legal business for you to perfection. They (a good law firm) also come with both types of lawyers at your service.

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