3 Ways to Find the Best Tax Attorney

Finding the best tax attorney in Atlanta is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you are caught in the wrong by the law due to tax evasions and defaulting, then you will definitely need one and fast too. Where then does one start finding a good lawyer? I mean we’ve all heard the stories where you retain the services of a ‘competent’ lawyer who disappears or disappoints when the dire need of their services arises.

Here are a few pointers that will help solve this dilemma for you:

1. Referrals

If ever you are stuck having no idea where to start especially when you have no time to vet an attorney yourself, go for a referral from trusted friends and families. They have probably been through that face or know of someone who is competent enough. They will even explain the attorneys’ credentials and track record and how they are good and more. This will definitely save you on time and effort.

2. Go Online

The internet is full of information that is so diverse and endless it’s hard to go through it all. Start your search by entering the words ‘best tax attorney in Atlanta‘ or something similar and go from there. Visit law firms’ websites and read through what they are offering thoroughly before making a decision.

Read online reviews on forums and directories related to the topic and get numbers from people who’ve faced the same problem as yours. Make a list and then call the attorneys for a consultation. Although tedious and quite risky, this method works.

3. Lawyer Referral Service

Most local attorneys practicing law in the area are listed in a referral directory complete with their profile and approved by the bar association. Ask them for a referral and they will give you a list. It is then upon you to screen them and decide which ones you want to engage then book an appointment for a face to face consultation. This might sound time consuming but at least you have the lawyers list already complete with their credentials.

When starting the process of vetting the attorneys one by one, you want to be keen on things like their personality and professionalism, this are things that you can pick up during the interview. Ask questions related to the topic at hand to measure their knowledge experience and competence.

Hiring a lawyer isn’t something to be taken lightly, it is a serious matter. Tax evasion or fraud can escalate to the point of going to court and a subsequent jail term plus penalties. This will depend on how huge your tax crime is. Getting that good lawyer is therefore a good start to preventing this.

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