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Will Bankruptcy Eliminate My Tax Debt?

People in financial trouble often file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal protection that halts collection efforts on existing debts and can allow debtors to wipe out debts completely or reorganize their finances to pay off those debts, perhaps at a reduced amount. But do these bankruptcy protections apply to tax debts? The answer is, [...]

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How Can I Enter Into a Payment Plan With the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service has online applications to enter a payment plan to pay your tax obligations. Depending on your particular tax situation, you might have several options, including a short-term agreement, in which you pay your taxes in 120 days or less, or a long-term agreement, under which you take more than 120 days [...]

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Owing Back Taxes to the IRS is a Common Problem

A spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service said in 2009 that more than eight million Americans owed $83 billion in back taxes, including penalties and interest. That is more than $10,000 for each of the eight million taxpayers encompassed in that estimate. The number of people who owed back taxes is considerable, and the amount [...]

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