5 Questions to Ask a Tax Attorney

When you have an IRS law problem, you should contact a tax attorney as soon as possible. Before hiring them, however, here are 5 detailed questions to ask a tax attorney to find out if they are the right lawyer for you. Experienced IRS tax lawyers like Jeffrey L. Cohen are happy to answer your questions so that you feel comfortable hiring them.

Ask About the Attorney’s Experience

If you search for a lawyer online or in the phone book, you will find lawyers at every stage of their career. Some will have 30 years of experience and some will be fresh out of law school. If the lawyer’s website doesn’t clarify how long the lawyer has practiced, then make sure to ask during your consultation.

Don’t simply focus on how many years the lawyer has practiced, either. Also, ask if they have handled a case like yours before. For example, you might be facing a criminal investigation, which not all tax attorneys have handled. In this situation, you’ll want to ask the attorney how many criminal investigations they have handled recently.

Remember to Ask About Fees

Some people are embarrassed to ask about a lawyer’s fees, but you shouldn’t be. With the questions, a lawyer should be upfront about how much they charge. If the lawyer’s fees are more than you can afford, you should know this information before hiring them.

Ask General Questions About Your Case

A lawyer can’t give you a detailed analysis of your case at the consultation, but they should be able to speak generally about the issues you face. For example, the lawyer might be able to spot tax problems that you aren’t even aware of. Ask the lawyer their opinion of how you should proceed in the matter and look for a lawyer who speaks confidently and uses language you understand.

Ask the Lawyer What Other Areas They Practice In

Some tax attorneys, like Jeff Cohen, practice in other areas, such as estate planning and business law. This can be a big help since it allows you to tackle several issues at the same time. For example, you might have a question about how to reduce your estate taxes. The same lawyer can research the issue and then draft a trust or other vehicle that allows you to pass more of your assets to your family. A lawyer’s website might list every area they practice in, but be sure to ask.

Raise Any Other Issue That Is Bothering You

No question is too small, so don’t be embarrassed to ask about anything that is bothering you. However, your consultation will be more productive if you write your questions out ahead of time so that you can get your answers quickly. Also, gauge how comfortable you feel asking the lawyer questions. If you find the tax attorney intimidating, then they may not be right for you.

Contact a Georgia Tax Attorney Today

Choosing the right tax lawyer requires careful consideration, so start early by scheduling a consultation when these questions to ask a tax attorney can be covered.. Call Jeffrey L. Cohen, Attorney at Law, for a Free Phone Consultation at 404-937-1414 or fill out the online contact form.

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