New Coronavirus Rules For Executing Wills In Georgia

Originally published at Pursuant to new legal rules announced by the Georgia Governor, we can now have you sign and witness your Last Will and Testament virtually, while you stay at home. No need to come into the office. We will discuss your wishes over the phone and email, and I witness your signature at [...]

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Five Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Estate planning isn’t only for the wealthy. The reality is that estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of how many assets you own or your marital status. Estate planning is the process by which an individual or family arranges the transfer of assets in anticipation of death. Estate planning allows you to avoid the [...]

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When To File Bankruptcy

Should I File Bankruptcy Now Or Wait? Declaring bankruptcy is an intimidating action. Many people who face the decision decide to blindly take the plunge and report it without considering if they should wait or not. However, it is wiser to wait to declare bankruptcy in certain situations. In these particular cases, filing bankruptcy too [...]

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Types of Trusts

What Is A Trust? To many people, the statutory phrase trust is intimidating and confusing. However, a trust is a simple to explain, and easy to set up. A trust is simply an agreement that is set up between three parties: A trust maker, a trustee, and one or multiple beneficiaries. The trust maker is [...]

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Who Needs A Will?

When Do I Need A Will? A will is an important document that allows you to decide where your property and possessions go after you pass away. A person who dies before filling out a will can have their assets distributed based on the laws of the state they live. When a person dies without [...]

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